Florilège Vocla de Tours - concours international de chant choral
Concours International de Chant Choral
Membre du Grand Prix Européen de Chant Choral

International Competition for Choral Singing
Member of the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing

The European Grand Prix for choral singing was created in 1988 throught he initiative of the competitions of AREZZO (Italy), DEBRECEN (Hungary), MARIBOR (Slovenia) (since 2008 instead of GORIZIA – Italie) and TOURS (France).

Two others have also been associated: VARNA (Bulgaria) in 1989, and TOLOSA (Spain) in 1990.

The winners of each of these contests meet each year to compete for the European Grand Prix. The competition is held alternatively in each of the six cities.

The 31st E.G.P. will take place in Tours (France) in June 2022.

If we take into account the important number of events that the selected choirs must overcome, and already winners of a prize, we can consider this European Prize a true world championship of Choral Art.

The choirs are judged by an International jury of at least 7 members representing at least 6 different countries. The future specialists chosen by the jury can be selected no more than two years running.

We remind you that only amateurs can participate in the competition for the European Prize.

The winning choir will gain the title of the European Grand Prix, a unique and indivisible prize which consists of:

  • A prize giving ceremony where a trophy and certificate will be awarded to the winner
  • A series of concerts organised by the festival of laureat choirs
  • Possibly a cash prize of no more than 4000€. Each year the sum is defined in the bulletin for the European championship by the organiser.



Rules of the European Grand Prix 2022 Official website for the European Grand Prix